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The current State Rep is not representing Brandywine Hundred anymore. We need someone who will serve the interests of our community rather than going along with the Democrat party bosses and the radical progressive leaders.

Education: Kansas State University, BS ChE, Chemical Engineering

Community Service: Active in his church, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

Board of Directors in Civic Association

Career: Retired from the DuPont Company

Expert in Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing,

Family: Wife of 30+ years, Two Daughters raised in North Wilmington

Other Experience:

Expert in Delaware’s General Assembly and analyst who tracks legislation moving through the General Assembly consulting with community groups and political groups for the past five years.

Brent is a husband, father, grandfather, runner and cyclist.  He is a leader in his church and Civic Association.  Retired after a successful corporate career, he cares about the issues that affect Brandywine Hundred – his home for over 30 years.

My wife, Carole, and I
Washington, DC Prayer March with Rev. Franklin Graham, during COVID-19 Outbreak (unmasked for the picture at the time.)
State Fair GOP Booth
Presenting at a Northern Region GOP on Legislative Actions.
Joining my future colleague in the House, Mark Prescott Garder (RD 1), at the State-wide Candidates Debate on Thursday, 9/15.